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Our Team

In the game, team synergy is crucial to success not only in conquest, but also in evolution. Having a single impressive Illuvial is not enough to make your team unbeatable. The synergy of the entire set plays a pivotal role in the collective value, the momentum of continuous wins, and enjoyment of gameplay. Same goes for the Illuvium team.

We are a rapidly growing multinational organization of over 75 people, dedicated to bringing in the best and most promising professionals.

With our initial seed raises now completed, we are fine-tuning our workforce the same way we are fine-tuning our game: with attention to detail, balanced by an unwavering gaze at the big picture. We have introduced the gameplay in our previous announcements and discussed Immutable-X. Now, get to know our core team who, combined, will not only make Illuvium a world-class AAA game title, but ensure that our NFTs thrive on Ethereum.

Kieran Warwick — Co-Founder

Kieran is a proven serial entrepreneur. Working alongside his brother Kain Warwick in e-commerce, Kieran was exposed to Bitcoin and Ethereum early on. His enthusiasm for the crypto space led to joining Blueshyft. While there, Kieran successfully onboarded major Australian Exchanges and started the world’s first OTC cryptocurrency exchange.

Additionally, Kieran helped The Burger Collective amass 100,000 unique reviews, 20,000 monthly web app users, and established a partnership with the global business, DoorDash. At the same time, DeFi was quickly growing, and Kieran and Kain ( wanted to explore the uncharted areas of opportunity. With his background and interest in trading penny stocks, Kieran wanted to pioneer a DeFi project that would be a game-changer (pun intended) for the industries it represented. With this in mind, he tapped his brother Aaron (Co-Founder/Game Designer) to develop what will be the first AAA gaming title on the Ethereum blockchain, and Illuvium was born.

Aaron Warwick — Co-Founder and Game Designer

While studying Computer Engineering and Physics at the University of Wollongong in Australia, Aaron found himself obsessed with building and programming games. An avid seeker of scientific knowledge and the philosophical implications of technology his interest in artificial intelligence sprouted at an early age. Aaron's unique knowledge of world-building and game lore has guided Illuvium’s vision to create the world's first AAA game built on the Ethereum blockchain.

Currently, Aaron is the Co-Founder, chief game designer, and story supervisor at Illuvium. He’s a consummate entrepreneur, with a background in sports and business—all the Warwick clan have a background in sports—and has operated multi-million dollar retail franchises. In his spare time, Aaron owns and directs two major Australian sporting complexes.

Danny Wilson — Partnerships

Danny is a business executive and partnership leader with over 20 years of success in amplifying business performance to hit top goals. Danny has held multiple director and leadership roles in varying retail and tech-based organisations, making him an invaluable asset to Illuvium.

In 2016, Danny founded a joint venture organisation with one of Australia's iconic business leaders, Gerry Harvey. In just three short years, this venture grew to over $150M+ in revenue with a team of over 150 people.

Recently, Danny earned his Master's in Business Administration, specialising in Digital Business and start-ups. He has been featured in business magazines APAC Outlook and CEO Magazine, as the CEO of a rapidly-expanding Australian sporting retail & tech start-up.

Nate Wells — Game Producer

With 20+ years in the gaming industry, Nate Wells is known for his work in Bioshock & Bioshock Infinite. He was also a Lead Game Producer on The Last of Us, and Rise of the Tomb Raider. As an art direction and UX consultant, Nate aims to help projects find their visual focus.

By stripping away the unnecessary, Nate finds economical and novel solutions to the everchanging problems that may arise within the online video-gaming world. Additionally, Nate is president of Vacationland Novelty Company.

Basil Gorin — CTO

Basil has over 15 years of experience as a full-stack developer, with experience as a solution architect, tech designer and software engineer. He has a strong background in Java, Web, and Blockchain tech stacks.

Since 2005, Basil has applied his expertise utilizing technology to create digital solutions for communities around the globe, including US, Israel, Korea, Germany, Estonia, Russia, and Australia. From the very beginning of his career, he has successfully built the bridges between stakeholders and tech teams to ensure effective communication. He is very well known for his outstanding work that results in mission-critical projects worldwide.

Basil is also a participant in Cryptominerworld, an ERC721-based Decentralised Game by Sophophilia Studios, as well as an architect for the Korean based company, PaxNet. Additionally, Basil designed and built the ERC721 solution for the real estate industry in New York.

John Avery — Lead Server Engineer

John has a 20-year career in both the gaming and the financial services industries. His game development career started when he began producing games for the App Store in the late 2000s, and since then, his games have reached over 1 million users. His company JNA Mobile was also one of the top Unity Asset Store publishers at the time.

Since then, John has continued developing mobile games by producing assets, and has offered games development consulting services for the Unity Asset Store.

He has also worked as a senior consultant at major Australian financial institutions, including the National Australia Bank, Westpac, and Suncorp, where his focus was on migrating services to the cloud. His previous roles have included Technical Director for the Financial Services business unit at Oracle, and Head of Infrastructure for the FinTech scale-up, Hoolah.

Rogier van de Beek — Lead Concept Artist

For over 10 years, Rogier has been a freelance concept artist and illustrator, who’s worked on a wide variety of projects, ranging from print, film, toys, theme parks, and of course, games.

Rogier is a known artist in the world of tabletop RPG's – having worked for Paizo as a character designer for over six years. His experience with creating unique characters and personalities is surely an asset for Illuvium.

Additionally, Rogier enjoys the business side of art. He has been working with various companies to create new products, and also started a company himself that creates gaming accessories and merchandising.

Aleksandr Kirilenko — Lead Modeler

Aleksandr has worked in the advertisement industry as a freelance 3D modeller for such giants as Pepsi, Sony, and Toyota. Aleksandr's creative flair and skill is an essential asset to Illuvium, as he has worked on character/creature development game cinematics at Platigue Image. He also worked as a digital sculptor for Prime 1 Studio and a senior character artist at Ninja Theory.

Most recently, Alexksandr worked for Blur, an LA-based veteran company which produces the highest quality cinematics and content for film and TV. Aleksandr brings to the Illuvium team his experience in making characters for mobile and VR by creating super-realistic assets for consoles and PCs.

Alexandre Belbari — Lead Animator

Alexandre began learning animation in the South of France in 2008. After graduating in 2010, he began working with Marvel on projects, (like X-Men!), and over the next four years, he was able to learn from some of the best animators in the industry. With his wealth of experience under his belt, Alexandre then moved to ILM Lucasfilm, where he worked on notable projects including Transformers, Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxies, Godzilla and Ready Player One.

After ten years in the film industry, Alexandre has worked with many studios, including MPC, Method, theMill, and Pixomonodo for various projects including; Men in Black, IT 2, League of Legends and more recently, The Mandalorian (Star Wars). As Alexandre enters a new genre in his career as Lead Animator, his high level of detail, creativity and experience will take Illuvium to a whole new level.

Dmitriy Ten — Lead Environmental Artist

Dmitriy Ten took the print advertising world by storm when he became the lead artist at Cream Electric Art in Sydney, Australia, one of the world's most renowned and respected print advertising firms.

His experience involves working with nearly every global advertising agency in the world, including the most high-end clients such as Pagani, Qantas, ESRI, IMAX, Commbank, Arnotts, Singapore Airlines, Cadbury, and Boeing.

Dmitriy’s experience makes him a true artist capable of understanding every degree of composition and visual impact, which enables him to be able to take Illuvium's vision in the advertising space to the next level.

Marcel Reyes — Marketing Manager

Marcel is a highly-creative writer and brand strategist with over a decade of experience in marketing. He joins the Illuvium team to create high-impact communications. Additionally, he’s helped refine the narratives of companies across various industries, such as research universities, academic medical institutions, mortgage bankers, specialty coffees, and many other products and services. Marcel’s ability to craft compelling storytelling, in his freelance and agency work will be key to his role for building the culture of Illuvium.

Marcel is a renaissance man and consummate creative, but beyond being our Marketing Manager, Marcel also makes contributions to writing the lore of our game and the world-building of our franchise. Thrilled to have on our team, Marcel will help communicate Illuvium’s goal as the first major AAA title and immersive open-world RPG in the NFT/gaming space.