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Please note that development is a fluid process and all dates are subject to change. Any significant delays would be communicated to the community as early as possible. Timeline assumes no major roadblocks to development.


  • Initial Prototype - November 2020 (Completed)

  • Transition to Unreal Engine - December 2020 (Completed)

  • Token Smart Contract - February 2021 (Completed)

  • First Cinematic Trailer - March 2021 (Completed)

  • Yield Farm Contracts V1 - May 2021 (Completed)

  • Auto Battler Trailer - September 2021 (Completed)

  • Yield Farm Contracts V2 - March 2022 (Completed)

  • Private Beta - March 2022 (In progress)

  • Public Beta: Arena, Overworld, and Zero - (Upcoming)

  • Mobile Release - (Upcoming)

  • Second Major Illuvium Title - TBA


  • Pre Seed - December 2020 (Completed)

  • Seed Sale - January 2021 (Completed)

  • Balancer Liquidity Bootstrap Sale - March 2021 (Completed)

  • SushiSwap Liquidity Pool - April 2021 (Completed)

  • Yield Farming - May 2021 (Completed)

  • Illuvium: Zero First Land Sale - June 2022 (Completed)


Illuvium’s marketing strategy is a two-stream approach covering two major audience bases that comprise our crypto-gamer hybrid target market:. Defi and Mainstream.


We are planning comprehensive partnerships with 10 of the most significant DeFi projects, to find affinity dapps and platforms that will incorporate into our framework and development, to leverage their crypto-enthusiast communities, and to grow our own base. A component of our appeal is that we are obvious about our community building-ethos, not only in our collaborative approach to governance and autonomous, democratic decentralized systems, but also in our effort to reward our base. By offering their communities exclusive cross-promotional NFTs that are part of our ‘CosPlay Promo Editions’ series, we seek to galvanize new converts to Illuvium, while giving free access to an airdrop of unique digital property. The random winners, who will already be engaged and savvy crypto users, may be receiving NFTs for the first time through our airdrop, and are incentivized to be loyal Illuvinati forever. These NFTs will not be playable in-game, but similar to Pokemon promo cards, these will never be minted again, making them extremely rare.

Flash pools will also be used to provide liquidity for the in-game economy. Over the three-year program, we will look to partner with 50+ projects that all boast a large token holding. This will give them exposure to the ILV token, which will, in turn, convert users into players.


Mainstream is where we anticipate much of the gaming community resides. Typical global consumers who are accustomed to centralized game studies and distribution systems on the mass market. We will implement a similar approach with mainstream marketing, partnering with YouTube influencers with massive followings, high profiles in niche markets, and are considered to be key opinion leaders in their respective focus areas of either gaming, crypto, finance, or popular culture. Similar to our offer to the DeFi projects, we will create targeted content and desirable giveaways that capture their audience, expose them to Illuvium, and incentivize a loyal following that sees our community-building ethos in action.

We have already locked in multiple Youtubers and influencers who have seen our project, been informed of our objectives, and believe in what we are doing. Their sincere interest will facilitate an organic spark of new market engagement, and we will honor them with signed contracts that recognize the influencer’s expertise and dedication to growing their own bases. Our goal is to start making mainstream users aware of the benefits of Play to Earn, educating them on how being a part of a DAO empowers their chance to define their own economic opportunity, and to give them the same quality of gaming title that they have come to expect from mainstream triple-A studios.