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Game Overview


You take the role of a survivor of a transport vessel in an intergalactic space fleet, investigating a perplexing distress beacon. When you finally reach the origin of the call, you discover a ruined planet, possibly the mythical cradle of your race’s civilization. A vast crystal ocean engulfs all but a tiny fraction of the planet. Extreme weather events assault the surface, giving way to strikingly varied climates. A burst of radiation disables the ship’s engines and you slam into the planet’s surface. Crawling free from the wreckage, you discover majestic beasts, some with near godlike power. Could this be what caused the downfall of this planet? Luckily, your race has begun to master the same energy that the Illuvials harness, and you are able to capture and control the deity-like fauna into slivers of crystal called Shards, mined from the planet’s surface. To uncover the mysteries of the planet, you become a Hunter, traveling across the land subduing and capturing Illuvials, and trying to unlock the Obelisks that keep most of the world closed off.

Note: Game is in development and all details are subject to change.

What are Illuvials?#

The planet’s core spills out a strange radiation that the beasts harness to grow, mutate, and unleash deadly attacks. Some Illuvials are easy to find, some are incredibly rare. They are found across a vast landscape. The radiation itself pulses in a non organic way that seems vaguely familiar. There are more than 100 Illuvials to find and collect throughout the world, each possessing unique abilities. They form symbiotic relationships with one another based on common affinities or classes, called Synergies. Using a Hybrid Synergy System, Illuvials are stronger when working as a team in the Battle Arena so make sure to collect synergising pairs to maximise your chance of victory. Different synergies create different bonuses for your team, allowing you to outplay your opponent—even if they have Illuvials with more raw power than you. Fusion allows you to merge multiple Illuvials of the same type into a more powerful beast, with different attributes, sometimes belonging to a completely different Class or Type. Remember that some Lines of Illuvials are very rare and hard to find, making their Fused form even more difficult to discover

Team Building#

In the immersive environment of this shattered planet, Illuvials phase in and out of existence and will be hard to track (both to hunt and avoid) — but when you do, don’t expect an easy fight. Once the battle starts, each Illuvial will find an enemy to engage in combat, aided by your in-game character who possesses technology advanced enough to stand firm against these incredibly powerful creatures. Keep in mind the synergies between Illuvials — it can be the difference between victory and defeat! Engage the mysterious Illuvials in battle — and if you win, they can be stored in a Shard, where they will accompany you on your personal Odyssey. Shards vary in power — if you’re dealing with stronger Illuvials, be sure to use a stronger Shard. Otherwise, you risk losing that rare creature forever. Combat will make them stronger, grow in levels, and develop their power. Once you collect three that have each reached their threshold level, you can fuse them together into a single, more powerful creature. Don’t worry if an Illuvial gets injured — the shard it returns to has a time-based regenerative protocol for anything stored within it. Your fighting team will be able to get back to full health over certain intervals of time. If you want them back right away, however, it can be done by using various items or paying a small fee to bring them back to full health. Some are more rare than others, and if you are lucky you might just get a Shiny, Gold, or Holographic rare capture. If you do, your Illuvial will always stand out, intimidate, and perhaps reign undefeated, in the Arenas.


The origins of Illuvials themselves is a mystery, but so is their affinity to the elements of this alien world. Illuvials connect predominantly with one of 5 elements: Water, Fire, Earth, Air and Nature. The most powerful Ascended form affinities with two elements (Frost = Air + Water), or a stronger bond with a single element (Inferno = Fire + Fire). Make sure your team is strategically chosen. Your Archeleon might be strong with its Overgrowth Affinity (Nature + Nature), but in combat with an Inferno Illuvial they will be at a severe disadvantage so choose wisely.


Illuvials are grouped into one of 5 classes: Fighter, Guardian, Rogue, Psion and Empath. As in many RPGs, the choices you make regarding the class of your Illuvials will affect the outcome of your battles with wild Illuvials. Draft a team ideally synergistic in qualities and traits that can work well together as a single fighting unit. Ascended forms are so powerful that sometimes they embody two classes simultaneously, such as Slayer (Fighter + Rogue), or become stronger in a single class such as Invoker (Psion + Psion).

The Illuviary#

After the crash, you stumble upon an almanac, with the word “Illuviary'' scrawled across it. One of your people must have landed here long ago. Inside, you will find an index of every Illuvial found across Illuvium, but all locked. To unlock the entries you must find and capture the Illuvials and record their digital signature into the Illuviary. If you are the first in the universe to discover a particular digital signature, your name will forever appear next to your discovery in the worldwide Illuviary database. But this digital signature contains far more than just their biology... It just might be the key to unlocking the mystery of Illuvium. From its inception, we envisioned Illuvium to be a game of discovery and mystery. As such, on release there will be no public information in-advance regarding many of the Illuvials in the world. We expect that many of the entries will be filled on Day One, but we hope that players enjoy that sense of wonder that comes from pure discovery and exploration.

How Do I Play?#

Start by customising your character. Then select your Polymorphic Subordinate Drone. Once you and your sidekick are ready, you can then head out to explore the various regions of the world, and the mysteries that shattered it. As you adventure, you will encounter Illuvials that you can fight. If you subdue them, use a Shard to snap them up so they are yours permanently. Be careful though, Shards have varying power levels. Less powerful Shards are likely to fail against powerful Illuvials. For players just starting out, you will be able to mine free shards that are only capable of capturing a select few Illuvials that are far less powerful than some. But you will be able to get started in the game without any expense and learn the mechanics. We feel this is a welcome change from games that require a large amount of capital upfront to play. There are many regions to explore, but most will be inaccessible to the first generation of players. Over time, players will unlock Obelisks which allow for travel to new beautiful, challenging, and important regions that come with new Illuvials to battle and collect, and shed more light on the enigma that happened here.

In-Game Purchases#

ETH is used for all in-game purchases and the fees are sent directly to the Illuvium Vault.

  • Shard Curing
  • Imbues (Modification to various elements of the game such as weapons or Drones)
  • Wagering Battles
  • Illuvium Revival (medical fees)
  • Obelisk Travel
  • Enhancements (Powerful stat boosts to the Illuvials)


For some players, the draw of the game will be travelling across the world and collecting Illuvials. This can be incredibly lucrative, especially if a player manages to capture something rare and powerful. Illuvials will become harder to capture over time. As more and more are found, their capture rate will change, because it is fundamentally tied to the number that have been captured thus far. The difficulty to capture Illuvials will also grow. As you adventure and encounter Illuvials in the wild, your current team (including yourself) will grow in power.

Battle Arenas#

Other players will choose to battle each other to prove who is the superior Hunter. These players will queue in the Ranked Arena where they can be matched with a random opponent of a similar skill, or call out other players in ad-hoc wagered matches in the Leviathan Arena. Other players will be able to spectate and wager on the outcomes.

IlluviDEX (The Illuvium Exchange)#

The Illuvium exchange is an online marketplace, governed by the Illuvium DAO, for players to buy and sell all in-game NFTs. The major component of the IlluviDEX is the trading of Illuvials, but all NFTs found in the game can be traded there..

Mining and Harvesting#

Your subordinate drone isn’t just a good-looking gadget. In addition to storage and assistance during battle, your PSD is also capable of mining minerals from the planet’s surface, and forging them into useful items. The landscape is speckled with deposits that contain ore, uncured shards, and rare gemstones. After harvesting these, use your drone to forge them into weapons and suits of armor by infusing the materials with energy. Some materials are much more rare, and provide stronger bonuses to your equipment. Wield these yourself for an advantage in combat, or sell them on the IlluviDEX. Illuvium is also littered with trees that produce various alien fruits that pulsate with energy. Harvest these to create enhancements for your Illuvials in battle, or to nurse them back to health without heading back to Sanctum Mesa.


Shards are probably the most important item in the game. It is only with these shards that players are able to capture Illuvials that they best in combat. As such, each player will want to be stocked with a few before venturing into the world. You can mine them from deposits, but you’ll always want to make sure you have something available in case you encounter a rare Illuvial. Like most elements in the game, Shards come in a variety of tiers based on their power at capturing Illuvials. The stronger the Illuvial, the harder they are to capture. This is where a strong shard is most effective. The quality of the shard you pull from the ground is random, with the most powerful ones being the rarest. If you want to make sure that you can capture everything you find in the world, then it is worth checking out the IlluviDEX where you can acquire shards.


In Illuvium, it is not just the Illuvials that fight. You as the player character get to fight in the battle, wielding futuristic weapons that can be equipped with gemstones that store the essence of Illuvials, allowing you to emit an aura that boosts your Illuvials in combat. Your choice of weapons also determines your class, which gives additional benefits to your team. Weapons can be sold on the IlluviDEX like most other NFTs in the game.


Also forged from items mined on Illuvium, armour is your defense against the beasts that you fight. If your armour becomes too damaged you may need to wait until it regenerates. However, your choice of armour can sway the battle, as each suit has different properties. Choosing the right one for you and your team is one of the many decisions you will make in the game. Armor can be sold on the IlluviDEX like most other NFTs in the game.


Imbues are cosmetic changes that can add value to a player’s collection by further differentiating their acquisitions from others. Imbues are modular in nature and can be applied to multiple items, or you may decide to sell them on the IlluviDEX. Various items in the game can be imbued, such as weapons, armour and even your Drone.