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Additional Sets#

While there will be many Illuvials to discover and battle on launch, we aren’t going to stop there. Their finite nature necessitates the production of additional Illuvials. These will be voted on by the DAO and released at steady intervals, as the rarity of the preceding set increases. This does not mean that early sets will disappear completely, because players will still exchange them on the IlluviDEX for a long time after. But over time due to the fusion mechanic, their numbers can drop, which means their rarity will most likely go up over time. We believe owning Generation 1 Illuvials will be very impressive in the coming years.

Additional Regions#

The world of Illuvium is a huge place, and the settlers have only just begun to scratch the crystal surface. New zones will give adventurers new places to explore and new Illuvials to find. Regions will be released as their Obelisk is unlocked, which is a very rare occurrence and potentially lucrative for the player who finds the key.

Additional Games#

From the very beginning we have designed the protocol to be able to host multiple game types. Our first major release will be the Overworld RPG and Battle Arena, a 3D Auto Battler similar to DOTA Auto Chess or Teamfight Tactics. The development of the auto battler is currently underway. Additional games have already been workshopped, with some having detailed Game Design Documents of their own. Expansions are something that will be voted on by the DAO, and we are excited to see how that plays out.

Mini Games and Collaborations#

There are still many months until full release and during that wait we would love to give players a taste of the world. As such, we plan on collaborating with other developers to create cool ways of bringing the Illuvium world to life.